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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 5: Classic Hollywood Post Earrings

This week, our family is having a "staycation." We thought that going somewhere would cost too much money. Since we would probably go visit my parents or my in-laws and they live in Idaho and Colorado. And we didn't even want to try driving that far with the three kiddos. I know some of you do that all of the time. We are just not brave enough. We did it with the first two. The vacation was fun. The driving, not so much.

So we're staying home this year. And we've been busy. And I've noticed that when my husband is at home, it completely throws off my schedule and I'm definitely not as productive. Does that happen to you? When he's at work, I can keep the house clean and the kids are on a great schedule. Then, when he's here for a few days, my house looks blown up and my kids seem like they're at least 90% crazier.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that while he is at home, I probably will not be making anything that takes hours or lots of effort. But the things I make will still be pretty (at least I hope!!).

So, I forgot to post this yesterday, but this is my Day 5 achievement. A few months ago, before baby #3 debuted, I made a bunch of sparkly post earrings for a bridal party. They were all in aquamarine and light amethyst. I was going to list some of those in my Etsy Shop but then life just got crazy, I had the baby...and never got around to it. So, yesterday, I decided to try out some other colors that I just received, and here are the results:

Grace Dainty Post Earrings in Aquamarine - Vintage Czech Glass Gems - Octagons
Carole Dainty Post Earrings in Capri Blue - Vintage Czech Faceted Crystals - Rounds
Hepburn Dainty Post Earrings in Crystal - Vintage Czech Faceted Crystals - Rounds
The round earrings measure about 11mm wide and are set in raw brass settings.
The octagon earrings measure 12x10mm and are set in raw brass settings.
All pairs of earrings have gold plated post earwires and earring backs.

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