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Thursday, July 29, 2010

So, it's been a while...

Not sure if anyone is out there anymore, but here goes :)

I am finally "back" after having my baby! Life is crazy, but fun, with three kiddos to look after. My Etsy Shop is back too!! Lots of old favorites and LOTS of new goodies too! You should go check it out. Seriously, go! :)

I'm kicking off August (and the last couple days of July) by doing a 30-Day Create Something Challenge! My fun Etsy friend Janae of http://claireandjanae.etsy.com/ is hosting this fun challenge over at her blog HERE!!

You should do it too! After all, the best way to develop talents is to PRACTICE THEM!!
So without further ado, here is the first thing that I made for the challenge:

I made this using lovely aquamarine quartz beads. They are silky smooth to the touch. I love these beads. They are shaped kind of like pumpkins. I used these same beads in some Anne Shirley Earrings that I made almost two years ago (the first jewelry that I ever made for my shop!!). The center focal of this bracelet is a beautiful flower carved out of white jade.
The bracelet measures about 8 inches long, but because the beads are so lusciously round, it takes up some of the length. It probably fits more like 7 1/2 inches.
I hope to be able to keep up with this fun challenge and show you all some amazing things in the next 30 days! Thanks to Janae for hosting such a great challenge!!! (Did I mention there is a prize in this challenge too??? Go check out her blog!!!)

1 comment:

janaemadsen said...

I love that you are doing the challenge! blog comments are the best. keep me posted as you update!